How to get off your phone.

I read an article recently that said 75% of us are sometimes, often or frequently preoccupied with our phones. We are obsessed. Phones go on the table when eating, the come to the loo with us, they go to bed with us…. I am trying to make a conscious effort to get off my phone as I waste a lot of precious time doing not a lot on it. Here are my tips to let go of your phone:

  1. Turn off all your notifications. That way your phone isn’t constantly lighting up telling you there’s something for you to check. There’s less of an incentive to keep looking at your phone.

  2. Create a phone free room in your house.

  3. Plug your phone in on the opposite side of the bedroom an hour before bed. Even better leave your phone out of your bedroom all together. Such an important time to be switched off from our tech - it will help you sleep better.

  4. Get an alarm clock. This will mean you don’t have to rely on having your phone by your bed or even in the bedroom.

  5. Don’t look at your phone for at least half an hour after you wake up. I mean who really wants to be bombarded by texts, emails, instagram likes just as you are opening your eyes?!

  6. Go for a walk without your phone. This is something Ben and I do a lot. It stops us from being distracted, it allows us to connect with one another, to appreciate our surroundings, to pay attention to our dog, to just in general be a lot more mindful.

Gook luck! It’s a hard process but one of the simplest solutions is the alarm clock. It will stop you from looking at your phone late at night and first thing in the morning. Don’t end and start your day with your phone…. there are much better ways to wake up and fall asleep.

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Sophie Dear