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14 Day Self-Worth Boost

Join our 14 day self-worth boost challenge.

Every day you will be given a new meditation & journaling exercise to complete.

Please note this is not live, it is pre-recorded and you have 30 days access to complete.


- understanding the importance of setting aside time each day for yourself.

- looking at your life in order to see what's working / what's holding you back.

- Taking stock of what FEELS good in your life & learning to do more of that!

- to know more about who you are & what you actually want in life.

- to learn how to love yourself fully & wholeheartedly no matter the "mistakes" you have made.

- to uncover your core values & how perhaps you are not living in alignment with these.

- to learn to forgive yourself.

- to understand how worthiness comes from within & is a result of how you show up for yourself, day by day by day.