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14 Day Self-Worth Boost

Join our 14 day self-worth boost challenge.

Every day you will be given a new meditation & journaling exercise to complete.

Please note this is not live, it is pre-recorded and you have 30 days access to complete.


- understanding the importance of setting aside time each day for yourself.

- looking at your life in order to see what's working / what's holding you back.

- Taking stock of what FEELS good in your life & learning to do more of that!

- to know more about who you are & what you actually want in life.

- to learn how to love yourself fully & wholeheartedly no matter the "mistakes" you have made.

- to uncover your core values & how perhaps you are not living in alignment with these.

- to learn to forgive yourself.

- to understand how worthiness comes from within & is a result of how you show up for yourself, day by day by day.

What People Are Saying:

This 14 day Self Worth Boost has been so impactful. I lost my sister to suicide 2 years ago and spent the first few months in shock, numb and frozen. But this practice, enlightened me to opening my daily practice and actually incorporating my self worth, self love and showing kindness to self into my every day. I loved doing this practice. It grounded me. Even though I had times where the stillness made me feel fidgety and thoughts started to wander, the prompts to connect to my breath again were amazing. I loved everything about this and tomorrow will begin my 30 days of Mindfulness. I can't wait to continue this journey. Thank you!

- 14 Day Student