Self-Worth Coach Sophie Dear

We are women who want more.

As a self-worth & relationship coach, I help you create a mindset that will empower you to live a life in a alignment to your highest self.  

This is a space for you sensitive & ambitious souls to learn to transform your pain into feeling worthy, confident, self-assured & powerful.

I will give you the daily tools to manifest love so that you can live the life you can't stop thinking about. 

My mission is for us to model healthy mindsets & behaviours, that allow us to live a more conscious & beautiful life, to the next generation.

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The Lover's Guide To Conflict


Changing how you relate changes everything. You teach people how to treat you by what you tolerate. The relationship you desire is on the other side of the conversation you are afraid of having.

This workshop will get you to take a detailed look at what you are tolerating, what standards you are setting for yourself and what conversations you need to be having.

Create the most empowered relationship you could have never imagined.

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Living a life of balance, purpose, fulfillment and freedom is possible.


Life has so much to offer us yet so many are stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, frustration & unhealthy relationships.  If you know you want to make some changes but you don't know where to start... it starts with you!

My offerings give you the chance to stop the critical voice inside your head from keeping you playing small... and instead, allow you to transform your mindset in order to live a life that aligns with your power & potential.

A free discovery call will allow us both to see whether we are a good fit (don't worry it's very relaxed!) My work is for sensitive & ambitious souls ready & open to creating big change.




Find out how to improve your level of self-worth so you can own your awesome and have fun doing it!


Hey, I’m Sophie Dear!

In 2015 I was signed off work due to insomnia and anxiety. I was incredibly stressed both physically & mentally and as a result I suffered from numerous health problems.

I trained as a yoga teacher & began to heal myself through meditation & movement.  However I soon burnt out for a second time 2 years into my teaching journey. Becoming a yoga teacher hadn't magically transformed me - I realised I needed to do the deeper work!

A sudden separation & divorce hit me out of the blue & I decided to move to Bali & finally commit to doing the work on myself.  I worked on my codependency, my lack of boundaries, my people pleasing (which was consuming me), I looked at my relationships with partners, family, friends... I was shocked at why I hadn't been taught any of this at school!  Things started to make sense to me.  

I started to understand why I was feeling the way I was & why I was relating the way I was.  It felt like I had been reborn.  As dramatic as it sounds, it really was a complete rebirth that allowed me to step into my power, my worth & my full potential.  Every single area of my life changed - my career sky rocketed, I manifested a new relationship, my relationships with my family changed, I was living a life of freedom without putting so much pressure on myself, I accepted so much, I forgave so much & life just felt so much easier.

I created this program because I know what it feels like to be totally broken and lost. I’m so honoured to share my journey, get to know you, hear your life dreams and support you along your path toward self-worth, freedom, ease and fulfilment.

Are you ready to love yourself wholeheartedly and finally live the life you daydream about?


“I’m seeing changes everywhere! The small shifts in mindset and awareness are having an impact on my friendships, my work, my energy, my health, new opportunities in terms of work and also connections and I am loving it!!!”

- Coaching Client



This 6 month self-worth empowerment program is the ideal way to receive the support you need to reach the next level in life allowing you to make huge strides in your mental health, relationships, career, business, and more.



Apply now by filling out a short form & then if we believe you are a good fit, chat to Sophie to find out what’s next in your self-worth journey!