What is Self-Worth Coaching?

mindset self-worth May 02, 2022

What is self-worth Coaching?


This blog post will shed some light on the most common frequently asked questions that come my way through social media when clients inquire about self-worth coaching & my coaching business.  Self-worth coaching is a process that sheds focus & clarity on a person’s life. Self-worth coaching is here to help you understand clearly where you might be playing small, what your limiting beliefs might be & how you are holding yourself back. Self-worth coaching guides you to find the answers for yourself. Self-worth coaching puts you in the driving seat empowering you to make decisions in order to live in alignment with your values & desires.  Sometimes self-worth coaching can also be called confidence coaching, self-esteem coaching, or even life coaching.  Ultimately, coaches will provide you with the necessary tools to build confidence.

What happens in a session?

Well that totally depends on the client! Self-worth coaching can help target a wide range of problem areas that you might be experiencing. Whether that is within your relationships, your career, your lifestyle, your habits, your thought patterns, your emotions, your environment, your goals, your aspirations, your hopes & dreams. A self-worth coach will help guide you by asking questions, being a sounding board, shining light on things you may have missed.

what is self-worth coaching?


How is self-worth coaching different to therapy?

Therapy is a form of counselling and giving advice. Self-worth coaching helps remind you that you have all the answers yourself whilst guiding you to work towards a specific set of goals. A self-worth coach will help you find those answers and will keep you accountable & feeling inspired. A self-worth coach focuses on the present moment in order to help you progress towards your desired future. A therapist will often look at the past. The relationship between a self-worth coach and a client is more like a partnership than a student-teacher relationship.


What can you help me with?

  • Create clarity & focus around what it is that you want.

  • Create a vision & set goals accordingly.

  • Encourage self-discovery & growth.

  • Increase productivity & confidence in one’s own abilities.

  • Identify limiting beliefs & create new positive empowering beliefs.

  • Help with money mindset.

  • Create abundance in every area of life.

  • Help you create a work/life balance.

  • Improve relationship to self & others.

  • Guide you to communicating better with yourself & others.

  • Shine a light on your inner dialogue & negative habits that are holding you back.

  • Empower you to realise that you are responsible for your life, no one else.

  • Help you understand your values, what’s important to you, how to prioritise & set boundaries.

  • Help you cope with overwhelm.

  • Guide you to feeling grounded & strong instead of lost & stuck.

  • Guide you through career and relationship changes.

  • Guide you through making decisions, big or small.
  • Enable you to build your own worth, your own esteem, rather than constantly seeking validation through others.


Should I work with a self-worth coach?

Only if you are open & ready to make changes to your life. Self-worth coaching is for ambitious people who know they have more to offer & need some guidance in order to reach their fullest potential. Self-worth coaching is for those ready to commit to doing the work & those ready to step outside their comfort zone. Self-worth coaching is a process that can feel challenging at times - however the challenge and the discomfort is where the growth happens. Self-worth coaching is for those who can understand that the only thing holding them back, is themselves.  Huge progress can happen even over a short space of time.


Who is self-worth coaching for?

  • Those feeling lost, stuck & overwhelmed.

  • Those wanting to understand themselves, their emotions, their desires, their dreams better.

  • Those wanting to improve their relationships.

  • Those wanting to make a change in their career.

  • Those caught up in a spiral of negativity in their heads.

  • Those suffering from fear of failure and imposter syndrome.

  • Those struggling with stress and / or anxiety.

  • Those who know that something is missing and that there's definitely more to life.

what is self-worth coaching?

What is self-worth empowerment coaching?

Self-worth empowerment coaching is my signature coaching method that will help you uncover your feelings of low self-worth, self-esteem & confidence. Through self-worth coaching I empower you to build high self-worth & self-esteem, improve your confidence & allow you to step into the true you - full of purpose, love & abundance.

Building self-worth & the idea that you are always enough (instead of the negative mindset of feeling not enough) allows you to have thriving relationships, create boundaries, find a work/life balance & choose a lifestyle that allows you to do the things you want to do every single day. I help those who are ready to move away from imposter syndrome, fear & overwhelm into a place full of excitement, understanding & peace.

This is not easy work! This is for ambitious individuals ready to make their move to being the best versions of themselves. This is for people willing to put in the work to make daily changes, to create a new way of living, find empowering habits, embrace their creativity & live a life not only full of meaning & purpose but a life that feels great in the present moment.

It is through my own experiences & understanding how my low self-worth (even though on the outside I looked like I was rocking life & super confident!) was effecting every single area of my life and keeping me in a job that I knew deep down did not allow me to live my best possible life. Understanding & developing self-worth really has a domino effect - it allows you to create so much possibility in every single area of your life. You are no longer held back and paralysed by worry & fear. You feel the fear and you keep moving forwards regardless. You choose love not fear.


Are you ready for your self-worth journey to start?

If you think you might be ready, but still have some fear and doubts, that's totally ok!  It's normal to feel nervous - it shows that this really matters to you!  I am right now offering free coaching sessions for those who want to learn a little more.  If by the end of the call, you walk away with some clarity and insights, then I will be happy!  There's no pressure to sign up to my course right away - I believe that when you are ready to do the work, the time will feel right for you.  The calls are very relaxed, I simply ask that you come with an open mind and heart...

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