Words to share...

"Sophie is wonderful to work with. She has inspired and supported me as I have broken away from labels and lanes I'd been stuck in my whole life. Sophie has helped me to take responsibility for my life, and as painful as that can be, she's held my hand through the processes either herself, or from the Community she has created. I have never felt alone.

Sophie has introduced me to some wonderful, strong and inspiring women, one of whom has become a really great friend for life! Sophie is relatable, genuine, nurturing and loving, but she is also the best badass cheerleader you definitely want in your corner!"

- Heather, Group & 1:1 Coaching Client


I absolutely love Sophie's Self Worth Empowerment Course. It has hugely changed my life, and honestly I can't really imagine my life without it. Sophie has created such a welcoming and safe space, on the group platform, and this has played a huge part in my own personal growth. I have really enjoyed the group calls and always take something away from them. It's also great to be able to do individual work, on the online content and then be able to connect back into the group and share what I have learnt / any questions that I have. I was hesitant, the first time I thought about committing to this group, but after doing a discovery call with Sophie I had made up my mind, and it's definitely the best decision I have made this year. Having a payment plan meant that I was able to enjoy all the benefits, in a way that was accessible for me. Investing in this course has opened up so many things for me, in work and in my personal life and I am really grateful!


- Celeste, Group Coaching Client


"I did some 1:1s with Sophie at the beginning of the year and what I can tell you for sure is that my whole life changed since. All the projects I was dreaming about but felt not capable of are finally happening. She helped me to realize my worth and helped me to create more confidence! She is your best friend to support and cheer you up when needed and your mom when you need a lil kick in the ass, I felt super encouraged and considered working with Sophie. She helped me create good foundations so I can grow everything healthy. I highly recommend to do coaching with Sophie, she is so good that right now i don’t feel the need but I know I will get back to her anytime I need to!"

- Juliette, 1:1 Client


"Sophie has been the most supportive, real, approachable, warm coach and you just feel at ease when you are in her energy. She has so much wisdom and has applied that to every coaching call and within the course.

From when I first started the course, I was in a really low place. I was afraid to even do the first video to the group. The bi-weekly calls helped me to gain confidence speaking vulnerably in a group and I was able to get support with very specific challenges I'd been facing. So much support around vulnerability in relationships, learning how to set boundaries, expressing emotions and having a space to share what had been going well for me too was really empowering and a space where I felt fully seen and heard. The online course which ran alongside the calls was so interesting, well put together and easily digestible but most importantly had all the information, guidance and action steps to help me transform my ways of being.

Sophie, I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given to me within the group calls, online group and course. You have helped me to transform and expand and I will be forever grateful to you!

For anyone considering the course, just take that leap, invest in yourself and have faith in Sophie because it will probably be one of the best things you ever do to transform your life for the better!"


- Katie, Group Coaching Client